donderdag 18 februari 2010

Miss I Love Fashion News Report

Last monday was the finale of the Miss I love Fashion News Contest organized by I Love Fashion News. It was a fun night! (as you can see)

The show was hosted by model Josh Veldhuizen

The Jury!
From left to right: Christina Curry, Victoria Koblenko, River Island lady and Annic Van Wonderen, editor in chief of ILFN.

Round 1: daily wear.
Personal favourite: Sabrina (AfterDRK)

The second round was special. The girls all got a MJ tee they had to customize and style. Very interesting to see how different they all customized and styled it.
Personal favourite: Andy (StyleScrapbook)

Round 3: Party!
Personal favourite: Sabrina (AfterDRK)

The audience got a chance to win something too! The best dressed lady in the house went home with a cute scooter. This prize was won by Lois & River (Twins from Holland's Next Top Model)

My personal opinion is that there were much more ladies in the room who were dressed a lot better, for example this lady
Roos-Anne from Mode Rosa
She was wearing a beautiful H&M trend blouse, Zara trousers and also the most faboulous wedges from Zara

Last but not least the winner of the Miss I Love Fashion News contest was announced:
Andy from Style Scrapbook
In my personal opinion a true winner, she strutted her stuff on the catwalk like a real fashion model and her style rocks!

After the show I got to meet up with some fashion lovers from EGF
LĂ©onie (Madame Mode), Denise (Just Another Shoe Lover) and Me

Girls leaving the building, unfortunately without goodie bags:-(

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Anoniem zei

he wat leuk zeg wat je er bij hebt gezet=)
heb je een leuke avond gehad?


Hee, bekende gezichten! Wat leuk dat jij en Kruim nu ook een blog hebben! =] Leuke foto's! & je zag er erg leuk uit!

Andy zei

Aw Darling!!! Thank you for writing such sweet stuff about me, I really appreciate it!!!!!!!

I will be visiting your blog :)